Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Belated V. Day.

Not much to report at this time.

Been studying up on Prommy V. fun fun fun.

Went out to dinner and hit the bar for drinks last night. I dont drink very often so I'm a cheap date^^.

In ffxi news:
Came to the conclusion that I cant level brd and nin and participate in LS events, going through COP crap while trying to maintain an exp buffer on BLM, somethings gotta give.
I never really believed people when they sid COP could destroy LS's, Statics, Friendships and cause people to quit the game entirely but I see it now.

To Quote someones thoughts on COP:

I like that assesment. I haven't met a player who has completed CoP that I considered to be any less than very good. They were good learing tools for stealth, teamwork, kiting, fast DD, hate control, basically for everything that a good end-game player should have. It's a far better measuring stick and right of passage than ZM ever hoped to be.

Thank god the CS's rock lol .. COP has been fun as hell so far even when I want to wring peoples necks for running into the maze in Sac. w/o sneak on for the umpteenth time. Come very close to blowing my lid over these "random" acts of noobness but we always seem to pull together in the end. As we near the uncapped portions its good to know that some will be forced to play jobs that they have more time invested in and clear up some of the confusion about how to do what needs to be done. And even better yet RR2 gorgets lmao...

I cant wait for this to be over so I can focus on my time in the LS again gotta get them points up ^^

Also I started a second blog for SS's and one for my renders/silly shit etc..
Xy's ScreenShots
For the SS archive
Time Played For my renders etc.. going to try to do something weekly like a mini comic

Doing this because I live with dial up and post images at work, would be nice to update the main blog from home ^^

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

COP 4-3 Complete!

Smooth like silk first round.

Went on a second round for a fail. We would have won but some miscomunication and a loss of focus bit us in the ass. I dont mind that some want to be "leaders" of this merry band but they need to listen when spoken to.

Break down of fail:
@ 1 Telling the blm to sleep ghosts.
Now I told them over and over blm+sleep+ghost "can" work (or so i'm told) but its a bad idea on several levels #1 creates hate, #2 "if" it should stick it wont last for shit, #3 if it requires ele seal congrats you just blew a 10 minute ja on 30 seconds of sleep before the blm gets its ass kicked and has 0 chance of it happening again. Now since there was no way in hell I was wasting ele seal on sleep they TOLD the blm joining this round to do it, I told her dont bother and somewhere along the way she started spamming failed sleeps until told to stop by the same ones telling her to do it.... BRD yes, BLM {No Thanks}
@2 We lost one voke from win team.
This lead to the blm sleep debacle but it should not have affected the outcome.
@3 Someone told vip to only tank the pupils.
Yes he was supposed to voke the 2 pupils, but miscommunication had him doing only that, not DD'n the prof. How this changed from "Throw vokes at the pupils to keep them off the mages" I can only guess.
@4 People forgot to use poison pots and still didnt use them after being waken from sleep.
Jesus jumped up fucking christ c'mon. Well I suppose some kept running into maze w/o sneak ....
@5 Nin poked a formor.
With those damned ghosts teleing around the room its no big deal hell I had a few formors targeted by mistake. The Formors wyvern took a shine to me so that caused my death #1 of 3.

We got him under 10% even with the clusterfuck, not bad at all. Hell take away the wasted mp on cures for sleep, poor vip thinking he couldnt engage the prof and aly casting sleep I think we would have won and very smoothly. Oh that sounds like my telling vip to throw vokes and aly not to sleep dont it?

I understand some peoples need to be a leader but trying to treat this like Dynamis or HNM wont cut it. Maybe if the "leader(s)" had vet status on these missions but they dont. When you have 8 people in the group bullshit comments like LS for leader chat onry" wont cut it because regardless of the chat color if you wont listen to what people say you just plain wont fucking listen. Its a static and needs to be treated as such, everyone contributes, everyone is an equal partner. If someone has a lvl 75 job and tells you something just wont work dont make him repeat himself for a week across LS and Boards only to shut up about it and start again when another person with the same job pops up. grrrr

Dont get me wrong I love and apreciate the static however I will say it takes alot for me to hold back and not go off on a few of them sometimes.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gyro's mmmm,1977,FOOD_9936_30420,00.html

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dynamis Lord Toasted.

Poor guy never knew what hit him it took "moments" to put his ass down.

Big grats to all who were there teamwork +1.
Shadow Mantle dropped ^^

Sexy new title indeed! I forgot to haul the usb drive to work to post pics so I'll have to up them tomorrow.

Spent last night farming or I should say attempting to farm codexes for swift belt run, death, fun, excitement ... we did get one to drop and I won the lot. Popped my exp ring before we started so I at least covered all exp lost. Passed out during the run 4-5 hours of tauruses did me in I guess.

Made our first attempt at 4-3 a few nights ago, horrid mess I hope the next shot goes a bit smoother for us. At least we got an idea of what goes on.

Been busy playing with FFXI Rendering since my connection is crapping out regularly.

Nin is still @ 73 only two short levels till merit machine time /hurray! I'm debating using nin for LS activities and shelving BLM for good, at the very least going to a very basic utility gear set on it. I had wanted nin to merit, spend on blm but as usual after a week or two of blm I'm bored as hell. Nin really doesnt excite me much either anymore, I think its just my general mixed feelings about hitting the leveling wall with no where to go or maybe its just the grind of the ToAU areas ez exp has bred a new wave of lazy players.

The problem of course is that LS activities would demand me to come as the more usefull blm (never enough blm) over nin. Then again I'm in the LS more for fun than gathering points for gear, hell it would take me a very long time to build up lock in points vs. the others so getting my hopes up and dreaming of new toys would lead to little more than frustration.

Still need to finish thf28, sam28 and maybe drk7 to 37 for a well rounded sj pool.

But I have a plan^^ I call it Bard .... lol

Got the gear together for brd now just need to find the time to get rolling on it.

I'm still going to level rng again (in the semi near future) I wanted rng up for COP stuff but I am soon out of the level capped areas so its priority has dropped.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

FotoShop Phun.

Got bored made myself a sig ..

Then one for a friend

And after seeing some nifty rendered stuff .....

LINKY to the full sized render